BeatLove are a Spanish, Seville-based duo comprised of the proudcer Benjamín Jiménez and the singer Myriam Fernández. They announced the release of a new album titled Avian Heart which will be out on June 26th via Beautiful Accident Label. It is their third full-length and follows 2016’s Save. Title-track is the first excerpt which comes with the official video.

According to the press release, It refers to the natural where the Huelva-born artist Wild Welva has left reflected on the cover. An introduction created to fly with synthesizers that recreate growing violins, a natural rhythmic body and multiple voices that complete the first cut. 

We asked them to do a short list with five songs wihich inspired their music and the new album. 

Portico Quartet – Steepless.In this song Cornelia’s voice was a great influence on Myriam. It is a song which Myriam has listened to a hundred times when she discovered her sweet voice. Beside singers like Andreya Triana she found an alternative form of using voices on electronic music.

Dark Sky – Voyages. A band that we have been following for a long time. In this Album we can hear Cornelia´s voice again. We have listened to this record many times and we still love it. Their last records have also had a great influence on our music. We feel represented by their analogical rhythm and sound.

Floating Points – Coorabell. When this single came out we loved it all. The fast rhythm on it helped us to make faster songs. At the same time, we love the textures it has.

Four Tet – Lush. This record was a gift from Myriam to Benjamin. We like a lot the variety of rhythms and Four Tet’s easiness to create a jewel out of this album.

Apparat – Dawan. Along with Moderat they are one of our biggest influences: Both the vocal and rhythmic parts. Apparat’s latest Album gets back to his most avant-garde origins. It is an inspiration for our own way of composing music.