1631 Recordings is a Swedish label founded in 2015 by musician and composer David Wenngren aka Library Tapes. The focus of the label is on contemporary classical and electronic music and they released album from artists as Danny Mulhern, Hoshiko Yamane, Itoko Toma, Sophie Hutchings and Dmitry Evgrafov.

In a couple of months, the label will celebrate its 5th Birthday. We are glad to host four live home sessions which will  involve four italian, 1631 Recordings signee artists: Manuel ZitoOlivia Belli, Mattia Vlad Morleo and Marco Caricola.

David Wenngren explains: “1631 Recordings are celebrating 5 years as a label this year and I had plans of organizing a few label events through out the year in different countries. Marco Caricola and I had talked about doing something down in Marco’s old hometown Bari this summer and we were going to invite other Italian artists on the label like Mattia Vlad Morleo and Olivia Belli.

Since this event is highly unlikely to happen this year I’m very happy that we can do these ”live from home sessions” instead and I’m very grateful that we can have them premiered at Sonofmarketing as they have been so supportive of 1631 over these 5 years.”

Watch the fourth live session with London/Bari-based composer, sound artist and musician Marco Caricola. It features visuals from Dutch artist Lidewij Hartog.

Three years after Innerfin, he released a new album which is the music from the NDR documentary Homs und Ich. A diary on film featuring the unique testimony of a young Syrian man fighting for survival in the besieged city of Homs. Homs und Ich is his first soundtrack release and, according to the press release, he builds an organic sonic palette inspired by the themes of isolation and human resilience. Find him on Facebook and check his music via the official website.

Check the new album via Bandcamp and read the letter which accompanies the live session.

I hope this time finds you safe and surrounded with warmth and affection. I will play somee music I like for you – inspiring songs that have kept me good company recently, plus some things I’ve been working on. I hope you will enjoy them!

On Monday 25.05-10:00GMT I was allowed to go out and interact with a friendly face outside my household for the first time in months. The unique feelings of that moment (and everything that led to it) resonate vividly in these tracks. As an Italian man living in London for many years, my experience with the outbreak has been quite peculiar. But what struck me the most, as everything unfolded, was the irreverent sense of opportunism from our political leaders. This worldwide broadcast of a bunch of (predominantly) white men goofily showing off ‘confidence’ and trying to bank on people’s pain for their interests. You could say that to some extent this applies most of the time, but I find it particularly hard to stomach as of lately. And I fear that we are yet to see the worst of it.

This historical happening has cast even more light (if we needed any) on the obvious incongruences of the biggest Western economies. Their vast fragility, for sure, but most importantly their shared tendency to stand for businesses over people — capitals over families. We should not ignore this.

Just like you, I have very few answers and many doubts. My life as I knew it got erased in the space of weeks, and the chain of events carried me somewhere completely different. As I begin writing a new chapter, many powerful (and a bit uncomfortable!..) questions arise. But the last thing I’d want right now is to try and sell this idea of great introspection or personal development. To call for people’s attention on myself and what I’m doing. The cult of subjectivity loomed over our relationships way before this tragedy, and it definitely keeps doing so now. I strive to remove Marco from things as much as possible, and leave room for the work to develop and speak freely. From a place of love and awareness, rather than blind ambition.

More than anything, I truly hope that you are experiencing powerful connections with your loved ones — real, human connections. Music is a wonderful vehicle for those bonds to strengthen. And we need each other more than ever right now. To allow ourselves the freedom to feel however we do, cultivating grace and forgiveness as we cross this moment together.

yours always,

Marco Caricola