The Koreatown Oddity is a Los Angeles MC and producer. According to the press release, he creates abstract hip-hop, rapping between fantasy narratives and observations of daily life. Two years after A Beat At The Table and Rooster, he announced the release of a new album titled Little Dominiques Nosebleed  which will be out on June 19th via Stones Throw. It features Sudan Archives, Anna Wise, Baby Rose, C.S Armstrong, & Fatlip.

It tells the origin story of Koreatown Oddity’s supernatural powers and spiritual awakening, the results of two car accidents that occurred in his childhood while growing up in Koreatown, Los Angeles. Kimchi” is the neq excerpt. Listen below and check our talk with him in which he details the new full-length and much more.

Let’s start from something interesting, which I read in your biography. You define yourself as “overall visionary”. Can you expand on this idea of yourself and your art? 

You ever seen that episode of planet earth where they travel to some of the darkest depths of the ocean? In that episode we see glow in the dark sea creatures lookin like they are plugged in like Christmas lights. This is a whole universe never before seen but as far we know is actually some living things reality. When you tell people about things that don’t exist in their mind or in the world because they have not experienced or seen it with their own eyes they don’t understand and won’t believe it . Now I have thought about glowing sea creatures before but didn’t know they were living their best life in the creepiest parts of the ocean. Ya feel me?

“Little Dominiques Nosebleed” is your new album. What is the story behind this new work and what drove the inspiration and the creative process?

I was in a car accident when I was kid and got a broken blood vessel in my nose when my face slammed into the dashboard and winshield . I was in and out the hospital alot and I would bleed at anytime randomly. Then shortly after that accident I was hit by a car and broke my leg. This accident also made my broken blood vessel worse. While layin on the ground seeing kids and adults from the neighborhood lookin at me I felt as if I floated out of my body as I looked at myself laying there for what seem like awhile.

The single “Weed in LA” is about the legalization of weed in LA and it is symbolic of how much the city has changed. Tell us more about it.

Scooby Doo, Captain Bucky O Hare, crushed up top ramen in a bag with the flavor packet sprinkled in, van damme kicking the final boss onto a big hook in the movie cyborg, my mom winning passes off the radio for me to go to Micheal Jordan camp, Genie Forcing OG Bobby Johnson to snort heroine in the movie south central, eating yoshinoya, random raps etc. all can be triggered in my mind by key words or visuals. To know your mind will forever connect certain experiences to you whether or not you tell anybody these thoughts is some wild shit to me. I have heard people that are in there 60s say “ I still feel like I’m the same as I was when I was 20 but I look in the mirror and I’m older it’s weird” .  So while we do have to adapt with changing times  somethings will always be the same in our mind . It’s really a trip when you’ve lived in one city your whole life.

We know that you are from Koreatown in Los Angeles. I’m very interested to the connection between the places we live over the years, the territorial geography of our roots and the art. How do you feel these themes are connected to your music and the way you think about your music? What are the places that have inspired you the most? 

Los Angeles is all that I know. My dad had bullets whizzing pass his head while running through the watts riots tryna grab some shit. When I Eight years old I was riding round wit my mom looting in the 92 LA riots.  Los Angeles is all throughout everything I do . From Film, Comedy, Music , talkin shit it’s all cooked in like a home made Mac and cheese with the top layer burnt just right

Making music is also about coalitions. It’s about a meeting of styles, sounds and people. You have collaborated with other artists in the past. What is your point of view about the connections with other artists? And how these connections have impacted your music? 

Ya know Sylvester Stallone was originally supposed to be the star of Beverly Hills Cop. That changed once they met Eddie Murphy. The rest is history. The producers and studio felt something when they saw Eddie and it was organic. That is the only way collaborations happen for me. It’s just in the air. God sets up the timing and uses me as an instrument. I trust my instincts and people that I have collaborated with have that same vibration when we create things we do. Also it’s about people. These are genuinely good solid people. That’s important.

Let’s talk about the current situation. How are you living in these strange times and what are your main concerns as musician? And what do you think that we’ll learn from this?

My daughter is one year and 4 months. She has no idea what is going on. She just started walkin a lot and singing la la la la la la la all the time. Watching that development Is dope. So I’m living through that honestly. Plus been just watchin mad movies n shows and generally just lounging like a mothafucka. I don’t really have any concerns as musician. Imma keep creating shit the same way I’ve been creating shit regardless. Somebody gave the days names Monday , Tuesday and so on but I think some people are beginning to understand that it’s the  day you have right now that is the most important day.

When this situation is over, I think you’ll start the tour for the new album.  What do you like the most when you play live shows compared to studio sessions? 

Bangin the beats on big speakers.

Ritual question. What are the best releases you recently appreciated?

Just finished the last Season of the show Better Things. I really love that show. Chappelle Mark Twain award special. Kenya Barris Black AF show. Vex Ruffin EP. Zeroh LP. Oh and Sesame Street.