Spime.im are a Turin-based audiovisual collective which include Niagara’s y Davide Tomat and Gabriele Ottino, Stefano Maccarelli and Marco Casolati . According to the press release, they explore the boundaries of identity and perception in a world populated by virtual doppelgängers.  Bruce Sterling’s «spime» describes the possibility of tracing an object through space and time for the duration of its existence. By juxtaposing his concept with «I am», SPIME.IM are the being that is intertwined between the artificial and the natural.

One year after debut album Exaland, they announced the release of a new EP. Zero is out on June 26th via -OUS. It is a starting point, and an extrapolation of their debut full-length. they explain: “When you start looking at something from the end you sometimes find yourself back at the beginning. Zero is at the beginning of Exaland, and it’s the beginning of the world we will create from now on.”

Zero19” is the first excerpt. Listen below.