HÅN is the project of the synth-pop artist Giulia Fontana, based near Lake Garda, Northern Italy. She released the debut EP The Children in December 2017, followed by invitations from festivals as Eurosonic Nooderslag, Waves Vienna, and Primavera Sound.

With no doubt, with  her voice, the artist blends melancholy and pop-driven melodies with such an easy attitude. “Lens” is the first excerpt from the upcoming album which will be out on September 27th via Factory Flaws.

Speaking about her new single, she says: “It’s about the abuse of power and the ways in which it creeps in relationships between people. It is very easy to feel held back, not being able to express what you think freely and this track is a sort of reminder to the relevance of doing it instead. It is a statement saying that in the end, I will always be the one to decide for myself“.

Check it below.