LYAM,  also known as loveyouinthemorning, is an Enigmatic East London sound design artist, producer and singer-songwriter; he is also an original contributor to the shadowy and mercurial TTY, an independent network of artists producing visuals and music on the digital underground.

He announced the released of the debut album titled N_O CALLER ID which will be out on June 5th via VLF Records. According to the press release, it features UK club seductress Shygirl, post-rock ballader True Panther artist Lauren Auder and the cream of UK rap’s next crop in Jeshi and Fredwave. Production comes from emerging producers like OEML, Frith, ToroTinez and Myth with a contribution from Rat King mastermind Sporting Life. We already shared “Intermission”, “The Face”, “Misery”,  “Angel” and “Origami”; “AWAI” is a new excerpt.

Listen below.