The Last Koboyashi is the project of Düsseldorf based left-field rapper Stefan Petcov. His music is inspired by artists as Joey Bada$$, Mos Def and MF Doom. He announced the release of the debut mixtape Burning Down Babylon which will be out in June. It tells the story of his battle with depression and a generation’s pursuit of higher purpose.

Petcov adds: “This mixtape was born in the depths of my personal hell. To say I poured my soul into it would be an understatement. I sacrificed the life I had, many, many relationships, and an oppressive belief system to create something that would forever make me proud. Hopefully it will help other people who feel like they are not enough know that they are wrong, and that they are not alone.”

Today we have the pleasure to premiere a new track titled “A Horse Called Morty“. He explains: “I wrote this track on a particularly harrowing morning. I woke up on the floor of my friend’s flat in a sleeping bag and my head was spinning with all sorts of turgid thoughts. So I found a cure: scrolled through SoundCloud and this was the first beat I found. Then when ham on some internal rhyme schemes. Et voila.”

Listen below.