An artist nearly connected to Jazz-O-Tech, Italian producer Antonio Marini is going through a sonic adventure known as Healing Force Project for over a decade. His music combines the experimental approach with “free jazz”, techno and dub textures and unconventional sounds structures. We asked him some questions about the concept of his project, his points of reference and much more below.

First up, tell us about yourself – what got you into music?

It all started just about before the mid-nineties, exactly in 1993, when for the first time I went to the disco and I saw a curious character in what was the booth: the DJ. However, mine was mainly curiosity, which has increased with time. At first the art of djing and, only later, electronic music productions. I would add that, obviously, I’m not a musician.

By reading your biography, we see that artists like Miles Davis, Lee Perry, KingTubby, or Weather have been an inspiration for you. How did they influence your musical vision and career?

I prefer to simply define them as points of reference, although I think, that I can’t even get close to any of these, not even by mistake. They are unattainable myths, icons of a period, in particular the seventies, impossible to repeat for various reasons. In my biography, now I see there are few names missing, Sun Ra for instance. For example, I am using samples a lot; these bands and individual musicians have always been of particular help to me. But be aware, I believe I’ve absorbed only a maximum of 5% of the creativity and beauty of these artists. In all genres, particularly in jazz, listening must always be enriched, otherwise, you risk becoming conformist in the approach to the matter.

How would you describe your musical style?

I tell you the truth: I would prefer not to describe it. There are, in fact, many contaminations in what I have done and what I am doing, but never a common thread that can bring everything in one direction. And this is exactly what I would like others, listening to my music, to be able to feel.  I should add that my level of composing is amateur, not professional. I try to develop interesting and original content.

Why ‘Healing Force Project’, is there any specific meaning behind the name?

The meaning is linked to a back cover of a Marcus Belgrave’s record, a trumpeter from Detroit, I came across this phrase: The music is the Healing Force of the Universe”; So in my opinion, this art brings everything and everyone back to a concept of spirituality, sometimes extreme, and this is what struck me. I then found out that exactly the phrase came from the production of American saxophonist Albert Ayler.

If you could collaborate with any living artist, who would it be?

It is very difficult for me, as there would be several names to mention. So, at first glance, I would tell you: ILL Considered (Band), Uri Caine, Terje Rypdal, Darryl Reeves, Dave Douglas, Bill Lawell, Toshinori Kondo. As you see, they are only and exclusively dreams… haha!

Tell us about your newest release ‘Temporal Pole EP’. Is there any particular story or meaning behind it?

There are a couple of distinctions to make: the musical one and the one linked to the title. In the first case, I want to say that it concerns a personal sound, therefore dark, introspective, with an acoustic gait. I have always preferred the hybrid production concept: I try to hazard the meaning of “electroacoustic”; “Temporal Pole”, it means almost a kind of time that never flows, paralyzed through various types of galaxies. In fact, I draw inspiration from sci-fi areas, like you probably understood. 

How’s 2020 looking in what’s becoming a crazy year?

2020 is currently an ambiguous year. Terrible for what is happening all over the world but, at the same time, it can be useful to take a forced break; For one reason: it is important to take time back. What we had relentlessly lost due to our busy everyday life.

If you could go back in time, would you change something and/or would you give yourself one piece of advice?

Yes especially advice, because there would have been some so-called “sliding-doors”; that they would have matured me and would have given me greater awareness much earlier today.