ENCORE is a French, Strasbourg-based duo comprised of Maria Laurent (keyboards, synths) and Clément Chanaud-Ferrenq (drums, synths). Two years after 37 M2, they announced the release of a new EP. Autobahn is out on June 12th via Machette Production and it is available to pre-order here. It was recorded & mixed by Hugo Barré at Jazzophone Studio and mastered by Dan Coutant at Sun Room Audio.

Today we have the pleasure to share the official video of the track “Manger Techno“. It was directed by Gabriel Laurent which says: “ENCORE sent me images from one of their shows: a still frame taken from the backstage and three fairly short shots filmed from the audience perspective. Those images were not originally intended to make a music video but constituted a starting material, all in all, pretty limited. This music video is therefore and above all an exercise of editing, with quite simple effects: superimpositions, jump-cuts, time shifts, mirror effects… The whole issue for me was to assemble these images and give them a new dimension : remove as much as possible the «concert feeling» to offer the spectator a visual experience that allows him to immerse himself in ENCORE’s universe. I thus decided to insert in the video other images shot in clubs, parties. Fragments of people dancing during ENCORE’s powerfull live shows.

Watch it below

The duo explain: “This is a pudding. Basic ingredients: a drum pattern, and a bass sequence. You think you can get through a long range of improvisation and trance. After two years of playing this recipe live, you end up with a skeleton, the DNA of the thing.

Then when you have to make a record you print it in a DAW software. You improvise with it again, using other synths, then you cut the drums. You edit samples that you add to the initial pattern. It starts to take shape, but you still have to beat the texture, mix it, give it consistency.

It then comes to mind that the pudding can be salty or sweet, mixed with the desire to make a sauce to complement all that. So we’re looking for a fake chorus that will be binding. And then we can’t help but go back to the basic recipe, this improvised, trance thing that comes up again as if nothing had happened. We cook. And sometimes on the road, during the sandwich break, we find a title while stopping at a highway stop. Enjoy your meal.”