bod [包家巷] is the project of the Los Angeles-based sound artist and producer Nicholas Zhu. His music is primarily constructed through piano and voice, “performed” through active manipulation of a MIDI instruments and vocal recordings overlaid and situated in field recordings and soundtrack rips.

Two years after The Recurrence Of Infections [复发感, he’s back with a new album titled Music For Self Esteem which is out now via YEAR001. Collected over three years within the overlaps between music, poetry and visual arts, Music for Self Esteem is what Tucson-born, Berlin-based artist bod [包家巷] refers to as a world-building exercise from an alienated yet observant perspective on unrestrained fields of research.

Designed for the diffusing boundaries expressed in contemporary technology and life, the thirty-seven track album Music for Self Esteem refuses sonic isolation, instead abruptly switching from gentle piano melodies to harsh noise, snippets of dance tunes to apathetic ambiences.

Watch the official video for the track “Dedicated to Beerwizard“.