Two years after Opal, Los Angeles based multimedia artist and musician Lionel Williams aka Vinyl Williams announced the release of a new album. Azure is out on June 5th via Requiem Pour Un Twister. According to the press release, after collaging hundreds of paintings together in a string of new artwork, Williams combined over 25 paintings just to create the album art for Azure; attempting to equally represent the complexly organic & decadent music apparent on the record.

It’s a good on-ramp to exactly what’s going on with the new record. As a whole, it is an invocation of paradise upon Earth, represented in sound. With homages to The Free Design & Arthur Verocai, the harmony attempted on this album is a delicate tension, floating on an opaque surface between inner & outer worlds. It was recorded from 2018-2020 in Los Angeles, at three locations of Non Plus Ultra (Los Angeles venue). “LA Egypt” is a new excerpt. Watch the official video below.