Richard Luke is a Scottish Glasgow-based multi-instrumentalist composer and producer. In 2018, we introduced him with the first full-length Voz. Back in 2019, he released Glass Island which explored the tensions of living on an island in the wake of referendums on leaving the EU and Scottish independence.

The album has been reworked by artists as Daigo Hanada, Aisling Brouwer, Jakob Lindhagen, Halftribe and Anna Pluto. The six-track EP also includes a rework of ‘Silent Story’ by Luke himself. The EP was released by Moderna Records. Today we have the pleasure to premiere the official video of the alt-version of the track “Silent Story“. It was directed by Duncan Cowles.

Luke explains: “We’re all quietly immersed in our own personal narratives, it’s those intimate stories that are the most compelling to me as they evolve and define us in our lives without fanfare or publicity.

Watch it below.