Bad History Month is the project of American musician and singer songwriter Sean Sprecher. An influential fixture on the East Coast DIY scene and beyond, he released his first album in 2017. Now he’s back with the second full-length titled Old Blues which is out via Exploding In Sound. According to the press release, it possesses the same combination of unflinching self-examination, wry humor, thoughtful insight and subtle optimism that have endeared fans to Sprecher’s songwriting over the last decade.

As Sprecher describes it, it’s an assertion of the hope that there are parts of ourselves and each other that we can push towards being better than our common weaknesses would have us believe. “Though I’ve become fairly cynical about the human spirit, I still do write songs that strive for hope more than anything,” says Sprecher. “There’s always a reach towards a punchline or a way forward at the end, because all laments and complaints should be leavened with humor and optimism.

Acknowledging and laughing at our personal and collective failings is a path towards self-awareness and productive engagement with ourselves and the world. It’s also a path away from the numb escape of endless internet addiction, the anesthetic mental armor of knee-jerk political thought, and the gossipy inanities and complaints-for-their-own-sake that pass for Social Life much of the time. It’s also Aspirational Music in that I don’t currently have the strength to live up to my own values.”

Listen below.