RG Lowe is an Austin-based musician and composer, better known for his work with legendary duo Balmorhea. He announced the release of a solo full-length. Life of the Body is out on May 22nd via Western Vinyl and is produced by David Boyle — known for his work with Glen Hansard, Patty Griffin, and Okkervil River.

It is an invitation for us to reconnect with ourselves and our world through the senses by illuminating our intrinsic connection with the physical world and the freedom of physicality. We already shared “Sorrow” and “Sendai, Unknown”; “Beauty Finds Forever” is a new excerpt. The video was directed by Claire Cottrell. The video compliments the meditative feel of the album’s closing track, highlighting a theme that runs through the album of, as Lowe puts it, “sensuality and physicality.”

“[Lowe] has a gift for performance,” says Cottrell. “He has a background in dance and theater; I knew that he’d studied the Horton Technique and I thought it would be interesting to  create a simple choreography to the track, without any overt style per se. The video plays to how present he is in his body, as a performer, and as a man, and this to me is entirely relevant not just to ‘Beauty Finds Forever,’ but to the entire album.”

“We wanted to find a way to connect this part of the songwriting with the primary theme of the album, sensuality and physicality,” Lowe adds. “To me art often functions as a conduit connecting these different realms. Work from centuries ago can like a razor transport me to what is happening NOW and illuminate parts of myself previously hidden.”