Pascal Schumacher is a Luxembourger composer and percussionist, now focused on vibraphone. He announced the release of his first solo album. SOL is out on June 5th via Neue Meister. It captures Schumacher’s newfound passion for solitude in all its magnetism. He discovered the liberation and wisdom of going solo, “I found out so much about myself alone, more than I ever would have imagined,” he says.

Yet, it remains true to a relationship’s main characteristic; intimacy; he also adds about the relationship with the instrument: “It’s quite a process to become one with the vibraphone. I was always jealous of cello players who have their instruments in their arms and really feel it, embrace it,” says Schumacher, “At first the relationship is a very distant one, the challenge is to become one with the vibraphone.

Today we have the pleasure to premiere the official video for the new hypnotic track “Falling, Falling“. It was filmed and edited by Lucas Archambault and recorded by Joachim Olaya April/May 2019 at Opderschmelz in Dudelange during Pascal’s artist residency. Watch it below.