A. Fabrin is the project of Danish producer, songwriter and composer Astrid Fabrin. She previously performed in the duo Kai Oke together with Sofie Birch. She announced the release of the solo debut album titled Before Return which will be out on June 12th via Copenhagen imprint No Technique.

It is inspired by acts as Beth Gibbons, Nico and Fever Ray and according to the press release, it is a sadcore-album with elements of occultism, death and a mix of 90’s trip hop and synth pop. Today we have the pleasure to premiere the official video of the track “Running In Water” which shows the embracing, melancholic and ethereal vocals and the slow-burning melodies. The video was animated by Elsa Nordström.

She explains: “‘Running in Water’ plays out somewhere in between dreams and reality. To me it is a walk down the negative spirals of the brain, making good friends with my own demons. This track is the best representative of the overall vibe of the album, because it contains an equal amount of tenderness and eeriness.”