A.A. Williams is a London-based singer-songwriter and musician which released the first EP in 2018 and collaborated with Japanese band Mono in 2019. She announced the release of the first full-length. Forever Blue is out on July 3rd via Bella Union. It is named after a song that didn’t make the album’s final cut, “but it still encapsulated these songs,” Williams explains. “It sounded timeless and in the right place.”

The album’s threads encapsulate the anxieties and addiction of love and loss with haunting detail, though Williams admits the theme was shaped more by her subconscious than any grand plan. “The lyrics come at the end, they fall into place, rhythmically, and link together,” she explains. “And then it’s my job to decipher what I’ve written! I want the words to get my point across but still let the listener map on their own experiences. I find it really therapeutic.”

All I Asked For (Was To End It All)” is a new excerpt which shows the solemn sound and her enchanting vocals. Watch the animated video below.