Picture by James Kriszyk


Simon McCorry is a British musician, composer and sound designer which created sound for theatre, circus, dance & film and for over 15 years. One year after Border Land, he’s back with a new EP. The Light Only Blinds is out tomorrow via Herhalen imprint. According to the press release, As Simon was working on the material that went on to become the The Light Only Blinds EP, images of the surface of the Sun magnified greatly from an observatory in Hawaii started to come to mind.

Composed on electronic mono synths, the three tracks relate loosely to themes in a Requiem Mass and are partly inspired by famed composer Ligeti’s Requiem & Atmosphères, as featured in the sci fi masterpiece 2001AD, A Space Odyssey. A mixture of claustrophobic tension and epic grandeur, Simon explains that “I see the three tracks as three meditations on the Sun as something sacred, an eternal light and a blessing”.

Listen below.