Wanderwelle is an Amsterdam-based duo comprised of Phil van Dulm and Alexander Bartels. One year after the collaboration with Bandhagens Musikförening, they recently release a new album. A State of Decrepitude is out now via Los Angeles based label A Strangely Isolated Place.

According to the press release, Recorded in 2018, Wanderwelle’s first electroacoustic album is an anthological approach to a theme that is inseparable from our current global crises. To find the right sounds for this expansive topic, a vast array of field recordings were collected. Wanderwelle recorded disintegrated echoes in churches, broken machines at abandoned industrial spaces and the eroding forces of waves and winds.

Furthermore, archival recordings were used to revive episodes of ruin from bygone eras that fell victim to the ravages of time. Finally, the duo recorded several pianos and a church organ as -in their philosophy- these instruments symbolize the crumbling of religious institutes and socio-economic structures.

Listen below.