Four years after Spells and 2017’s collaboration with Sebastian Plano, Berlin-based composer, producer and sound designer Ben Lukas Boysen a released a new album titled Mirage which was released yesterday via Erased Tapes. It features cellist and composer Anne Müller as well as Australian saxophonist and composer Daniel Thorne.

He explains: A lot of the elements and instruments you hear on the album are either not what you think they are, or exactly what you think they are but behave differently or they’re elements you definitely know but they are hidden, processed, or morphed into something else. With Spells and Gravity I was trying to hide the machines. On Mirage, I’m trying to hide the human.”

He shared a new video for the track “Medela“. It was created by Torsten Posselt. “Having known Ben for many years and frequently collaborated on both his and my projects, we both felt it was time to change things up a bit. My gut feeling pointed towards a more photographic approach as the starting point and knowing he is intrigued by the aesthetic of computer games, I looked into ways of creating 3D scans of his head.

Since we were not looking for a highly realistic representation of Ben, I bent the rules and combined several different images taken from different perspectives and locations to create various delusions of the real world, a mirage so to speak.  The idea for the Medela video came quite naturally while we were working on the cover art. Since all the groundwork was already laid down and partly “thanks” to the Covid 19 lockdown, I spent all my time animating, distorting and texturising some of the created 3D sculptures that nicely melted together with Ben’s music and the result became this video for the fabulous track Medela.”
Watch it below.