Matt Jencik is a Chicago-based musician, better known for his work with Implodes that we introduced different times. He has been performing and recording since the early nineties in bands such as Hurl, Don Caballero, and more recently Slint, PAPA M and Circuit Des Yeux. Two years after his solo debut full-length Wild Times, he released the album Dream Character in 2019.

Now he’s back with two new tracks titled “Mind Out of Joint” and “1969 In Pittsburgh“. They were taken from the same recording period of the 2019’s sophomore album. They are accompanied by a short film. Directed by Lori Felker, the film frames a lakeside dock as a vectoring point where image, space, time and memory fold in on themselves in a hallucinogenic reverie.

He explains: “All Pittsburghers have a connection to zombies in some way. Night of the Living Dead was filmed outside of the city in the late 60s. Dawn of the Dead was filmed at a mall where my parents would take us ice skating. Horror make-up/effects legend Tom Savini lived there and at Halloween he’d donate props from his archives to the coffee shop across the street from the record store where I worked for their window display. George Romero was my roommate’s uncle. The “living dead” are just part of the atmosphere there and for certain people like myself, there’s a certain pride to it.

When I asked fellow former Pittsburgher Lori Felker if she could make videos for my new songs, I told her one of them (“1969 in Pittsburgh”) was an homage to Night of the Living Dead and she told me she just happened to have unused, creepy camp footage that includes snippets of a late night outdoor screening of the same film. Her film is the backdrop for the music on this new single. That’s the type of pull that Romero’s universe has on so many of us from Western, PA. It always brings us back there somehow.”

Listen below.