Live Home Sessions is a new format that we launched with the collaboration of South Italy venue MAT Laboratorio Urbano. We asked to the artists we love the most to record a live session from their homes. After Akira Kosemura, Cabeki, Mariama and Awir Leon, the new guest is Paris-based Oud player and composer Hussam Aliwat. 

According to press release, Passionate and tormented. Such is the relationship Hussam Aliwat shares with his Oud. Since the age of 12, this self-taught composer and musician of Palestinian origin seems to tame the instrument. It was in 2011 that Hussam and his Oud arrived in Paris to develop his career in music and finish film studies. Barely two months later, he charmed the New Morning before appearing in other Parisian theaters.

In 2015, Hussam began composing his first album and began looking for other instruments to coexist with the temperament of his Oud. Today he is surrounded by two cellos (Sary Khalifé and Raphaël Jouan) and drums (Nicolas Goussot). Thus was born the “Hussam Aliwat Quartet”; an emotional music, cinematic and dense, between oriental heritage , rock spirit and jazz modulations.

Born Now is the debut album which was released in 2019. Watch the live session below.

Check the full streaming of the album below.