Black Taffy is the project of Dallas-based producer and musician Donovan Jones. One year after Elder Mantis, he announced the release of a new album. Opal Wand is out on May 8th via Leaving Records. According to the press release, it operates upon a playful sense of the occult, a mischievous curiosity that gently tears at the already frayed edges of our collective reality.

Its 12 tracks offer a sumptuous banquet of downtempo gems, a richly realized smorgasbord of artful masquerades and warped, hazy memories of more idyllic times viewed through the dim glass of history. It’s instrumental pieces, inspired by easy listening, ballroom, Japanese folklore and Korean folktales, coalesce into a mesmerizing cautionary tale. “Ocarina” and “They Saw” are the two first excerpts. Watch the official videos below.