Initially a solitary effort of San Francisco based musician Simi Sohota, Healing Potpourri‘s line-up has grown into a seven-piece that includes Geoff Morris (saxophone, flute), Ian McBrayer (drums), Luke Sweeney (lead guitar), Jon Chaney (electric piano, synthesizer), Jack Brown (bass), and Jon Wujcik (percussion, congas).

They announced the release of a new album. Blanket of Calm is out on June 12th via Run For Cover Records.“I’ve always been attracted to beautiful music more than anything else, and I wanted an outlet to try and write music like that,” Sohota explains. “I love ambient loops, collages, very calming music, but I also love pop music and I wanted to blend those things together and apply that meditative, introspective element to pop songs.”

Think About Us” is the first excerpt. Watch the official video below.