FARWARMTH is the project of Portuguese composer and producer Afonso Ferreira, also known as part of the duos HRNS, PURGA and the collective 00:NEKYIA. He recently released the first full-length Momentary Glow which is out now via Planet Mu. Built up over four years, its sources are recordings of friends and family in improvised sessions with cello, flute and accordion with Afonso on keyboards from the time he was on an artists residency in 2018.

According to the press release, Alfonso’s music is made by carefully processing and rendering his source material and he talks about the compositions in terms of emotional resonance, the construction of “connections between time, people and sound“ and the sessions which make up this album being about “emotional exchange, that gave away to something I did not imagine I could’ve reached alone.“ He describes the album as “rooted in the earth, but aiming for the heavens in an endless search to breathe enough air.”

Full streaming is available below.