EarthGang are an American Atlanta-based hip hop duo comprised of Atlanta-based rappers Olu (aka Johnny Venus) and WowGr8 (aka Doctur Dot). Four years after Strays with Rabies, they released a new album in 2019. Mirrorland is out now via Dreamville/Interscope. They shared a new video for the track “Avenue“. It was directed by Strangeloop.

It is the second installment of their animated series in collaboration with Strangeloop Studios. The video “Avenue” is a continuation of the first video “La La Challenge” where we follow our protagonists further into the fantasy upside down world filled with characters, flying monkeys and more. Both tracks are visualisations of the world the Atlanta rappers created in their critically acclaimed album, MIrrorland, based on 1978’s “The Wiz.”

Watch it below.