Leila is an Italian singer-songwriter, producer and musician from Rome. Four years ago, she released her first self-titled album which we included in our list of the 2016’s Best New Acts. Now she’s back with a new track titled “Blu” which was written and produced with Federico Leo and Dario Tatoli (Makai) and was mastered by Matilde Davoli.

The track shows her delicate and blurry vocals which acts as an added instrument, like a refined veil which lands on naturally evolving beats and ambient-driven textures; the sound underlines the fragmented electronic lines, the bright, interrupted melodies and the enchanting fragility which reveils the intimate side of her music.

She explains: “It is an ode to respect for nature, the sounds of the woods, slowness in doing things, the natural rhythms of sleep. It is the first of a collection of songs never born who waited in a limbo for their moment: the one the world would stop and learn again to walk.”

Listen below.