LYAM,  also known as loveyouinthemorning, is an Enigmatic East London sound design artist, producer and singer-songwriter; he is also an original contributor to the shadowy and mercurial TTY, an independent network of artists producing visuals and music on the digital underground. He announced the debut album which will be out later this year. We introduced him with the tracks “Intermission”, “The Face”, “Misery” and “Origami”;  “Angel” is a new excerpt.

Speaking of his debut project, LYAM says “I’ve made so much music, you know it’s quite a challenge to accumulate and group your thoughts after creating freely for so long. I guess I’m lucky that during the time I was making the debut project, I experienced so much – maybe more than ever. I hear my journey but it feels good to finally be vulnerable and have fun with music again”.

Watch the official video directed by Machine Operated.