Three years after Pleasure, Norwegian singer-songwriter and musician Sondre Lerche announced the release of a new album. Patience is out on June 5th and it is available to pre-order here. After living in New York City for over a decade, the album is his first since relocating to the west coast.

Recorded mostly in Norway, the inspiration for this record, as Lerche tells it, comes from a recently discovered love of ambient music, running marathons, and a quest for serenity. We already shared “You Are Not Who I Thought I Was.”; “Why Would I Let You Go” is a new excerpt. Watch the official video below.

I wrote this in 24 hours spent mostly in bed, in my old apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn,” stated Lerche. “Writing it felt like a major life event to me. I had never stayed so intensely in the zone of one song or one feeling for so long – and I had never managed to compose such an exact and grand declaration. It was terrifying. I performed it at a few shows in spring of 2016, right after I wrote it. I was finishing the Pleasure album at the time, and I knew this song just wasn’t for that album. It really opened the door for Patience. I didn’t feel ready to record it until three years later. I wasn’t sure if the recording could ever live up to the feeling I had for the song. Even now, four years later, I have trouble performing this song without tearing up. It’s very vivid and dear to me. I’m thankful I got to write it. And if it’s the best song I ever write, I’m ok with that.