Mother is the project of Italian musician and sound artist Tommaso Bonfilio. Back in 2019, he released the first, no titled album which is out via tape label Commando Vanessa. Recorded live at home, Mother uses field recordings and whatever he can find (guitar, organ, improvised objects as percussion) to express a personal urgency that conveys a feeling of claustrophobic stasis that persists even if continuously broken into.

Today we have the pleasure to premiere the official video for the opening track “Napoleon” which shows the minimal and fragmented noisy lines, the slow burning rhythms and the blurred and dark vocals movement which is the “hidden” instrument and a whispering and essential presence. Psychotropic and dreamlike vibes at the same time.

The clip was directed by Samuele Gottardello and according to the press release, the video conveys a feeling of claustrophoibic and persisting stasis. Metaphor for a personal or shared isolation, the camera follows the slow motion movements in a surreal deserted dark environment. A deep sweet and sour darkness infusing a feeling of floundering in the mud but still floating.

Watch it below.