Four years ago we introduced British singer-songwriter, producer and musician Ralegh Long. He’s back with a new track titled “Falling Into You” which was co-written and recorded one afternoon in Berlin, before the travel restricitons came in, with Varley producer Joschka Bender.┬áIt shows the warm and delicate vocals, the ethereal vibes of the electronic sound, the fluid flow of guitar lines and the percussive subplot.

He explains: “This song was written and recorded just before travel restrictions came in, in Berlin with Joschka Bender, who my friend Sarah Howells (Bryde) suggested I meet. We wrote and recorded the song in about 3 hours. That feeling of speed, and surrender to a moment, fed into a lyric about the moment when you surrender to a new relationship or experience, without knowing or needing to know where it will lead.

Listen below.