Tilman Robinson is an Australian composer and sound designer. He creates electro-acoustic music across a range of genres including classical minimalism, improvised, experimental, electronic and ambient. Four years after Deer Heart, he announced the release of a new album. CULTURECIDE is out tomorrow via Bedroom Community. Check the official video for the track “Clathrate Gun“.

The new album is a rich sonic collage, harvesting sounds from a range sources including field recordings, medical machines that monitor the human body, traditional instruments and synthesisers, often melted electronically. The result is an unsettling paradox with sounds constantly on the edge of recognition. Each piece references a specific socio-political issue ranging from colonialism to neo-liberalism to climate change to the impending singularity of humans and machines. Far from answering these questions, CULTURECIDE invites us to meditate on their place in our life and achieve personal understanding.