Michael David is a Los Angeles based producer, better known for his work with Classixx. One year after the debut EP, he announced the release of a new one titled Melona which will be out tomorrow via Cascine. According to the press release, it culls together four crystalline tracks, replete with shimmering modular riffs and buoyant, propulsive rhythms. This is the score to a fading dance party on some secluded beach ― guests carrying on with bodies drenched and heads light ― lit up by the moon.

One Wish” is the first excerpt. He explains: “I came back from a long trip to Honolulu and brought home a bunch of cool old souvenirs and booklets,” David explains. “I hung a big pink map of the city in my studio and tried to channel my travels in that environment. I was also listening to a lot of Arthur Lyman records and fell in love with his rhythm section. All of these ideas were floating around during recording, and ‘Onewish‘ ended up setting the tone of the record – escapism and some longing for the island life

Listen below.