Today we introduce a new interesting artist. Le Marina is an Italian, Florence-based singer-songwriter and musician which lived in London for many years. Her music is a refined mix of vocal melodies, rhythms deconstruction and trip-hop textures. She announced the release of the first EP.

Libera will be out on May 8th via London-based label The Sound Of Everything and today we premiere the first excerpt titled “Say It Sad” which comes with the official video filmed and edited by herself. Watch it below and check our talk with the artists about the new track, the debut EP and much more.

Today we premiere a new track  titled “Say It Sad” and it comes with the official video filmed by yourself. Tell us more about both. 

I wrote “Say It Sad” after a while I broke up with my ex boyfriend. I felt  isolated and confused. My self esteem was gone and I needed myself back. I did some therapy and I started a medical treatment because my numbness was scaring me. I’ve never felt like that in my whole life. I wanted to show on the video the pain he left and on the other side all the good things that kept me strong while I was suffering. Alienation is definitely a crucial theme in this song that I tried to show clearly on the video. The video is mainly shot in Florence and surroundings, because I wanted the listener/viewer to see my hometown and snippets of my house and family. 

Libera” is your first EP. To be free: what does it mean to you?

The process of writing this EP was therapeutical and cathartic. The more I was letting all this heavy pain out the more I felt lighter. I called it “Libera” because that’s how I felt when I finished writing all the songs. 

What artists or songs inspired your way to think music?

When I moved to London I listened a lot of trip hop music, like Massive Attack and Portishead. Right now I’m listening to a lot of electronic music like Moderat, Kelela, FKA twigs and Coucou Chloe and Flying Lotus: these are mainly the artists that influenced specifically “Say It Sad”. 

You lived in London. How was your experience living there?

I left London after 8 years one month ago. I will always love London, it will always be my second home. I decided to leave because of many reasons, but the main one was the difficulty to deal with 3 jobs at the same time (including writing, producing and playing gigs). I really hope I will find some gigs in the near future!