Three years ago we introduced French Montpellier-based singer-songwriter and musician Frank Raberyrolles and his 2017’s album Apart. Now he announced the release of a new full-length which will be out via Wool Recordings. It’s a complete instrumental album which was composed around a rhodes, piano and ambient textures. It’s been composed in Automn in Sete a small harbour in south of France .

Last Smoke” is the first excerpt which shows the delicate tension and the rough melodies of ambient lines. Listen below and check his playlist of five songs which inspired the new album.

Cadence and Cascade – King Crimson. I discovered this album in my mother’s « discotheque » when I was a kid, I love especially this perfect balance betweenSongwriting the very special drumming of Andy Mc Culloch and Mel Collins ethereal flute. This song is an answer to another Crimson masterpiece« I talk to the wind » it’s quite far from their Prog Rock experimentations that can be sometimes a bit dated and pretentious.

pulsewidth – Aphex Twin. It’s difficult to talk about this track, it sounds like a manifest for me, so many bedroom producers have been influenced by Aphex, and early Warp Sound.It sounds very charming, melodic and brilliant. When Aphex twin turns into a melodic, post Detroit sound with constantly moving drums patternsyou get this incredible fluid and graceful track. I haven’t been influenceddirectly by Aphex twin but I love the minimalism of this album, there’s a freshness beyond the years it redefined electronic music for a long time. When I started to work on « Materia Prima » my upcoming album I wanted to forget complexity and bring back my music to sensitivity and « Innocence »

Dark Trees – Brian Eno. When I first listenedto this album I was really surprised It was also a parent record and I couldn’t put a name on this kind of music, I loved Jazz, Soft Rock but this was a studio masterpiece, each sound seemed deconstructed and re built with strong emotions and something nearly Industrial. This is really alchemic, repetitive with very ghostly echoes it really opened my ears to new adventures in music.

words – Low. This is the opening song of the album, each track of this album collaborates to create a fascinating, somber, indolent record, there’s something to give up in your « listening routines » before discovering Low, it ’s slow, sad but in the prism of innocence, intimistic andcompletely addictive. With a classical trio drums, bass, guitar they create something I never heard before, I especially love the « dreamy haziness» of the song.

perdere – Alessandro Cortini. I love the « Shoegaze » atmosphere of the track, reminds me an electronic version of My Bloody Valentine (Loveless Period), there are so many people creating ambient in a forest of analog Synth, but Cortini has this very special touch withrepetitive drones, granular and strong production and the way he transcends 80’s music nostalgia, oftenEpic butwithout vulgarity.