Tuna Display is the new solo project of Italian producer Simone Marchiori, known also for his work with the band Cactus?. His music mixes smoky electronic lines, experimental rhythms and ethereal noise sound carpets. He announced the release of the first album titled EDELIAL EXP which will be out later this year via Tataki Records. We have the pleasure to share a new track titled “Edelial“.

He explains: “I was curious and I wanted to understand what this project was about. To be in the great link of consciences has been an unforgettable experience; a unique and pleasant sensation; a constant symbiosis with numerous other consciences; an incessant flow of blue auras that disassembled and reassembled in new forms, consciences, essences. A true rebirth. Now I feel myself strengthened, a new man. I don’t remember how I felt before, who I was before. It doesn’t matter anymore because my aura is now full of thousands of others and it has joined the link of consciences.”

Listen below.