Little Grim are a London based, alt-rock band comprised of Joseph Murphy (Vocals/Guitar), Jeremy Barclay (Guitar/Keys), Chris Alger (Bass) and Roger Muntzer (Drums). Their music is inspired by band as Alt-J, Glass Animals and Everything Everything. “Mercy” is their new track which shows the warm vocals, the dynamic rhythms and the well-built melodies.

The song is about memories of being a teenager, and feeling the heights of freedom, friendship and expressiveness” says lead singer Joe Murphy. “People often look back at the good times of their childhood and wonder what’s changed. Why life felt so simple then and why it seems to constantly web itself in more and more complexities as you get older. ‘Mercy’ is a song that came out of that feeling as I felt the scales shift whilst having a shower in my damp, shitty London flat, and that overwhelming realisation that THIS IS IT. THIS IS YOUR LIFE really began to sink in.”

Listen below.