Akisai are the Japanese, Tokyo-based duo which include Yo Suzuki and Koichi Nakaie. Five years after Images, they recently released a new album. Travelers is out now via Schole Records. According to the press release, The music is composed with similar manner as the previous album, using electronica sound with acoustic ambient elements. Although, this album consists more sound of musical instruments (guitar, piano, flute, etc.) played by Suzuki, which shows a different aspect of him as a multi-instrumentalist.

Their new work shows more varieties than ever, as some oriental and pop feeling can be heard towards the later part of album, and a sound with the taste of minimal and comfortable ambient music used for the bonus visual works. This visual work simply captures the moments of extraordinary environmental and scenic changes, for the people who live in the city.

Enhancing the transparency of different boundaries on each viewer’s memories, experiences, and emotions, and the dreamy worldview be created by transmitting beautiful form and sound to our wide variety of senses. This album is completed as if sketching the cycle reaction, that our own senses will change its colors through the journey of sound and visual, then gently and smoothly comes back to our daily life.

Listen below.