Anima & Ennui are a Danish, Copenhagen based duo. Their music has roots in folk textures, but their sound is also inspired by different styles as classical and electronic music and by artists as Steve Reich, Sam Shepherd Drake, Neil Young, and Justin Vernon. They defined their project as “the poet who seeks those golden moments of epiphany, only to recoil at the dark gravity of what has surfaced from his unconscious.

It is those beautiful, precious memories that, when filtered through a certain weary lens, make the present feel futile and dull. It is the life spirit – the desire for life – that sometimes kills itself. Anima & Ennui is the eternal ebb and flow of inspiration and depression; two opposing yet coupled states.

They announced the release of the debut album. An & En will be out on May 1st via Soulpod Collective. We introduced them with the track Everything Will Be Aligned”; “Stable & Steady (To Be Happy)” is a new excerpt. Listen below.