We already introduced Trrmà, the Italian duo which involve Giovanni Todisco (percussions) and Giuseppe Candiano (modular synthesizer). Their music mixes irregular rhythms, rough lines and dissonances and is inspired by acts as SUN RA, Clap! Clap!, Flying Lotus, and Portico Quartet.

One year after SSEEEEEGGGMMENNTSSFRROOOMBAAARRIIII (with Charlemagne Palestine) and Saùca,they announced the release of a new album. The Earth’s Relief is out on May 1st via New York-based label 577 Records. They explain: ““The Earth’s reliefs” is dedicated to unreachable peaks, at the same time it represents the desire to challenge the highest goals, a metaphor for the research behind our music with which we always try to surprise ourselves.

We already shared “Shishapangma”; “Dhaulagiri” is a new excerpt. Listen below.