We introduced different times Spanish producer Fernando Lagreca. Six years after Control and a couple of EPs, he announced the release of a new album. Infamous will be out in the spring via Barcelona-based imprint Beautiful Accident. We already shared “Lone Condition”; “Broken” is a new excerpt which features B. Dopran and it comes with the official video.

According to the press release, it is a tribute to Ben Fodor’s alter ego, Phoenix Jones, the leader of the city’s Rain City Superhero Movement. A mixed martial artist who garnered a lot of headlines after patrolling for years the Emerald City (Seattle) acting as an American real-life superhero. Watch it below.

According to the press release, On his third and finest full-length “Infamous” out this early spring via Beautiful Accident, he combines his passion for analog synthesis with eerie operatic samples and hypnotic melodic lines. Following on from his 2014’s album “Control” (Irregular) which highlighted mellow ambiances, slo mo disco and downtempo/synthpop structures, Infamous branches into unfamiliar sonic territories such as Urban Soul, Drum & Bass and Techno with arazor-sharp method of musical composition. “Infamous” kicks off with the dazzling and delicate “Creation” setting the tone for what is still to come…Subsequently “Infamous” takes off into an experimental vortex of emotive dynamics traveling through time and space bursting into a melting pot of different sonic textures orchestrated with personality and taste.