Thisquietarmy is the solo project of Canadian musician and sound artist Eric Quach. Two years after Isbryter and 2019’s collaboration with Dirk Serries and Tom Malmendier, he announced the release of a new album. Kesselhaus is out on April 17th via Midira Records. “Cult of Culture” is the first excerpt.

According to the press release, the album is somehow a concept album, featuring tracks that got recorded during 2019, inspired by several Berlin visits in the last 10 years. Eric Quach travelled a lot of times to Berlin for various professional and personal reasons. Visiting small noise shows, famous techno clubs, exploring historic and abandoned spaces and seeing how a city transforms itself every time he came back, were the reason why this album became what it is now: a massive loud noise-drone album with techno and black metal elements.

One of the most present influences is the venue at Museum Kesselhaus Herzberge in Lichtenberg, where thisquietarmy played twice. The industrial surrounding isn´t just featured on the artwork, it also influenced the sound of the album.

Listen below.