One year after Decays, Swiss sound artist Francis M. Gri returned with a new album. Boke is out now via Krysalisound. He explains: ” “Boke” is the Japanese word for saying blur and mental confusion. In 2013 a person very close to me was diagnosed with what I call the memory disease.

Unfortunately in these long and struggling years I could see every step of this disorder. So, I decided to record this album to find a sort of relief in my soul and to make people aware about this painful disease. Each track is a degenerative phase of this malady that in 2020 has no cure and is becoming every day more widespread. Our mind is a recorder that makes us react to the impulses of life. We are the sum of our days spent and without memories we go back to being a blank page.

Interruption of memory is a collision between our dreams and what we are….”

Listen below.