Evvol is a Berlin based duo comprised of Julie Chance and Jon Dark. Five years after Eternalism, they announced the release of a new album. The Power is out on May 8th via !K7 Records. A meditation on love, the intimate and personal offering is a product of turning their thoughts inward after time spent considering the state of the world and politics over the last year. “It’s about all relationships, including but not limited to our own,” they explain, “and It details the intimate powers that bind us together.”

We already shared “It’s Ok”; “Help Myself” is a new excerpt. They explain: “‘Help Myself’ is a raw and honest song that came out quickly and unexpectedly in our bedroom. We had some deep personal loss last year, and sometimes these losses allow the veil to shift and honesty to seep out through the cracks. The song’s release comes at a time of global loss and, the contemplation in it has a renewed meaning on a more global level. We can feel pain and loss and let ourselves heal whilst somehow keeping that faith that things will change and get better in the future.”

Watch it below.