One year after No World As Good As Mine and the collaboration with Iglooghost and BABii, British experimental producer and musician Kai Whiston released a new album. No World As Good As Mine is out now via as self-release and it features Joe Petersen, The Physics House Band, Clarence Clarity and many more. Listen below.

With his newest release, Whiston throws away the tool box. While very subtle slithers of his contorted take on electronic music can be heard on cuts like ‘(Run It)’ and ‘Glyder Fawr’, Whiston reaches for live recorded instrumentation and a whole new palette to break new ground. Seeking haven in a small woodland cabin in Snowdonia over the course of 7 months, Whiston blossoms an organic take on experimental/noise rock and avant garde electronic fusion.

Inspired by ‘’the unprecedented beauty/horror of the natural world’’, and a gifted group of performers, Whiston stacks theatrics to the ceiling. NWAGAM branches into a multitude of territories, beginning with dreamy lo-fi ballads such as ‘Don’t Need It’ and ‘Hell For Ourselves!’, all the way into glissading Swans-esque face-punching experimental rock on ’Things You Bury’ featuring prolific Brighton group The Physics House Band. The 13-minute ending opus ‘No World’ spans over multiple stages, reading as a multilayered violent relief. Decomposed hammering of dulcimers chatter in each ear while pummeling black metal blast beats provide the ticket to ascension. Whiston’s corrosive editing, attention to detail and meticulous narrative glueing this all together harmoniously.

The album is partnered with a 60-page journal series available with the digital download upon release, documenting the process of recording and illustrating the album’s narrative. No World As Good As Mine reminds us that there’s no telling what Whiston will do next.