Merrin Karras is the project of electronic music producer Brendan Gregoriy, better known with the moniker Chymera. Four years after Apex, he’s back with a new album. Northwest Passage is out now via A Strangely Isolated Place. According to the press release, With ‘Northwest Passage’ Brendan aimed to create something a little slower-paced and blurred in nature. To achieve this added dimension, the instrumentation is primarily Wavetable and FM synthesis, as well as his small arsenal of analog synths.

The result is a glacial feel, reminiscent of the mystery and adventure of the Arctic. The Northwest Passage is the sea route between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans through the Arctic, which is normally only accessible in the summer months. Unfortunately, this passage is opening longer each year due to climate change.

Listen below.

Check also the official video for the track “Dominions“.