Eda Wolf are the New York based duo comprised of vocalist Dea Juris and producer Emiliano Flowerman. They’re back with a new track titled “Technicolor” which will be released on March 29th and it is the first of a series of three dropping this year. It shows the powerful and warm female vocals and the refined, rough pulsing electronic lines. The official video is directed by Steven Stauffer.

According to the press release, “Technicolor” almost didn’t happen. Eda Wolf set out to shoot their first music video in an abandoned 1920’s New York City boiler room with director Steven Stauffer and DP Taylor McIntosh, only to be kicked out by security before getting a single frame in. What was supposed to be a simple creative quest, turned into a race against time while the crispy November cold threatened to ruin the shoot. After failing to secure a new location on short notice, the group retreated back to Brooklyn, where they made use of the last moments of natural sunlight to capture the duo on Super 8 film, before venturing out into Chinatown to make use of the various neon lights scattered throughout the area. If there’s one thing “Technicolor” encapsulates, it is the capacity to push forward, and find out what’s on the other side of failure.

The director explains: “The first time I heard “Technicolor”, it immediately brought to mind a very vibrant color palette. We wanted to bring that color palette to life in an abstract, textured performance by Dea rather than a narrative or story-driven video. Chinatown, Manhattan provided all the texture and technicolor we would need, as DP Taylor McIntosh, Dea, and Emiliano and I roamed around with a super8 camera and a digital bolex, finding uniquely colorful alleys and neon signs to use as our lighting. There’s something inherently metaphorical that I’ve only realized retrospectively – we shot much of the video in Chinatown, known for being heavily populated by immigrants to the U.S., and yet gentrification of the area has forced many immigrants into the outer boroughs, and immigration itself has become the subject of much controversy with the extremely restrictive stance of the current administration in the U.S., something Dea has been directly affected by. I don’t think any of us made a connection at the time, perhaps it was a subconscious choice to shoot there.

Watch it below.