MJ Cole is the project of British producer and musician Matthew James Firth Coleman. he recently announced the release of a new album.  MJ Cole presents Madrugada is out on April 3rd via Decca Records. “Cathedral” is the first excerpt and it comes with the official video directed by Henry Dean. He explains:

“I’ve made hundreds of records and had albums out before, but this record has always been brewing in the background. It’s been gestating my whole life – but the execution of it has been very quick. I really feel like a new artist. This isn’t just me sitting down at the piano and writing something nice and ambient, I’m coming at it as a hardcore manipulator of sounds. You can hear my breath, you can hear the pedal, you can hear the piano as a living instrument. It’s all about expression. When I play the piano I go into a meditative state, other thoughts don’t come into my head.”

Watch it below.