We introduced different times Norwegian singer-songwriter and musician Siv Jakobsen. Three years after The Nordic Mellow, she announced the release of a new album. A Temporary Soothing is out on August 21st via U OK?.  It’s produced by Chris Bond (Ben Howard, Nick Mulvey), and mixed by Zach Hanson (Bon Iver, Tallest Man on Earth). We already shared “Fear the Fear” and“Island”; yesterday she shared a new track titled “Fight or Flight” which shows again the ethereal sound and her embracing and enchanting warm vocals.

She explains “I had this image of a very old couple lying in bed together – still and stuck to the bed-frame, at the end of their life, taking their final breaths together. The song developed into a broader look upon what it is to stay with someone forever, to make that decision and be certain about it. To love someone and to receive love isn’t always easy, and giving yourself to someone so completely can be frightening and all consuming.

Watch the official video below and check her playlist of five songs which inspired her new album.

Gregory Alan Isakov – Chemicals. I remember sitting in a car in a parking-lot in Glasgow the summer of 2018, hearing this song for the very first time. It properly struck me like a punch in the gut, so much that I remember exactly where I was and how it felt. The song hit so close to home. I think I listened to it about 100 times in the next week, over and over. The lyrics are so moving and honest, the music beautiful and really raw. I was about half-way through writing the album at the time, and this song helped guide me toward writing the second batch of songs for the record.

Ane Brun – Undertow. This song is one of my all time favorite songs. It’s so soothing and I never get sick of it. I wanted to expand on my sonic pallet for my new record, and this song was an inspiration in that direction of trying something completely different, by removing the guitar, to see what would happen then.

Ben Howard – Depth Over Distance. The way this recording begins with just soft harmonized vocals is so incredibly beautiful. It grows slowly but intensely, and I feel wrapped in it when I listen. This recording was a big reason for me wanting to work with my producer Chris Bond, who also produced Depth Over Distance.

Erin Rae – Bad Mind. I find this song to be such a work of art. The songwriting is impeccable, and I really admire Erin’s bare and honest lyric and voice. This song is a reminder to me that although it can be easy to shy away from the deepest, most difficult emotions when writing, the songs that come out of those feelings are often the most beautiful ones.

Laura Marling – Sophia. I love the drive in this song, it makes me feel good every time I listened to it. I really wanted more drive on this new record, to see what would happen to my songs in another, more driving format. This song was an inspiration for that, and is just an incredible piece of writing.