Fassine are a London based trio which just announced the release of a new album. FORGE is out on March 27th via Cargo Records and Trapped Animal Records. We already shared “Magpie”; “Max” is a new excerpt and it is a cover of a track of Italian jazz singer Paolo Conte. It features ARQTIC.

Frontwoman Sarah Palmer says: “We were in the studio late one night and were debating about how to record the small section of Italian in the song. Not being Italian we were concerned that our English accents would destroy the song. We wandered down to grab a coffee and Stefano Fiori and Fabrizio Pagni just happened to be there. We couldn’t believe our luck and asked them if they would do the vocal. Initially, they were a bit skeptical owing to the fact that the song was so strange and niche but they ended up not only doing the vocal part but also contributing musically to the song. One of those serendipitous moments that worked big time”.

Listen below.